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Dare to Compare - Ghost Brackets vs. Easy Brackets

Ghost Brackets has just released its newest brackets. This is by far the most advanced, forward thinking removable saddlebag system on the market today. In fact this design is so radically different there are additional separate patents pending for it. Please help us welcome the Generation (3) III Ghost Brackets.
With the same quick release design as the
older generation brackets the G3 offers far superior flexibility then ever before. It is completely adjustable in every direction. Here are some key features available with the Generation III Ghost Brackets.
Patented design.

  • Fast installation and removal.
  • No tools required.
  • Secure lockable system to keep your bags safe.
  • Your bike keeps a showroom look while your bags off.
  • Completely adjustable system. (NEW)
  • Once mounted the bags can be moved on most bike models front to back without re drilling holes in the saddlebags. (NEW)
  • In most cases the G3 Ghost Brackets can be moved and adopted from one bike to another without purchasing completely new set. Only a bolt and keeper kit for the new bike may be required. (NEW)
  • Top quality design and fabrication with attention to every detail for a superior product.

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Ghost Brackets gives you the security and piece of mind knowing your bags are safe, removing them makes all worries disappear. Your bike keeps its show room look while still keeping functionality and purpose. Use your saddlebags for more then looks and bring your important travel gadgets, knowing you can easily remove them for safe keeping. Ghost Brackets could very well be the greatest invention for serious motorcycle enthusiast.

Ghost Brackets Top View with Bags on We have found that many of the other bolt on saddlebag brackets are much higher in price then Ghost Brackets saddlebag system which offer the same idea but with a twist. You will never have to unbolt your bags again, each time you want to remove them from your motorcycle just turn the key and lift up, vole la your bags are now free to move for safe keeping.

With Ghost Brackets Patented design your bike keeps its original look without any bulky saddlebag brackets getting in your way. Ghost Brackets are practically invisible when your saddlebags are off your motorcycle. With quick on and quick off capacity Ghost Brackets are just what your bike and you need this summer.

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Ghost Brackets Carry Eez Carry Handle
Ghost Brackets Carry EEZ Handle is demonstrated in this photo. The specially designed slotted keepers slide into the Ghost Brackets mounting slots. This photo shows one side of a ST-104 without a saddlebag mounted to the bracket. The Carry EEZ allows you to conveniently carry both your saddlebags when you want to remove them from your motorcycle. No fumbling when trying to carry both your saddlebags at once, just slip both your bags onto the keepers and you now have one hand free to open doors, search your pockets, or wave at friends. Be the envy of your riding group with a quick release setup and the Carry EEZ.


Ghost Brackets for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles
Ghost Brackets Harley-Davidson Ghost Brackets are a quick release saddlebag system that allows you put on or take off your saddlebags in roughly two seconds!

The Ghost Brackets system is easy to install and once installed no tools are needed to remove your saddlebags. Ghost Brackets are installed by removing the two bolts from your fenders and replacing the two bolts with the Ghost Bracket bolts which are called "keepers". The Ghost Bracket is then bolted on to your saddlebag and simply slides right on to the keepers. Lock the key and away you go!

Ghost Brackets for Honda Motorcycles
Ghost Brackets for Honda Ghost Brackets Generation III (G3) are the most versatile bracket we have ever developed. Completely adjustable system designed to adjust from 4 1/2 inches to a wide 10 3/8 inches allows the bracket to fit a wide variety of Honda motorcycles. Made from solid steel the brackets are black powder coated for durability and good looks. Simply slide the bracket on the stainless steel keepers, turn your locking key and the brackets and your expensive saddlebags are safe, securely locked onto your bike. Why settle for just one set of saddlebags? With Ghost Brackets your saddlebags are interchangeable allowing for multiple sets of saddlebags to be used.
Ghost Brackets for Yamaha Motorcycles
Ghost Brackets for YamahaGhost Brackets fits Yamaha Cruisers, Royal Star, Venture, Warrior, Midnight Star, Silverado, V Star, 1100 Classic, 1100 Custom, 1100 Silverado, Classic and Custom models.

If you have any questions please feel free to use our contact page or call  1-847-504-1400. 


Ghost Brackets for Kawasaki Motorcycles
Ghost Brackets for Kawasaki Made from powder coated steel, Ghost Brackets is the the only patented quick release bracket on the market today. Ghost Brackets are a safe and smart choice. The brackets install fast and can be removed from your bike in seconds. We have sets to fit your Intruders, Volusias and Boulevards.
Ghost Brackets for Kawasaki Motorcycles
Ghost Brackets for KawasakiQuick Release design, with security in mind, fast on fast off Ghost Brackets are the slickest invention for your import cruiser. We haven’t left our Kawasaki owners out of the loop. If you have a Vulcan 2000, Vulcan 1600, 1500 or Vulcan 800, or a Mean Streak we have you covered.
Ghost Brackets for Kawasaki Motorcycles
Ghost Brackets for KawasakiGhost Brackets has brackets for this classic cruiser. Please click a link below to see our products for your Chief, Scout and Spirit.
Ghost Brackets for Kawasaki Motorcycles
Ghost Brackets for KawasakiGhost Brackets Quick Release Saddle bag systems are a dream on the Rocket III. Look for our Ghost Brackets to fit the New Rocket III, Speedmaster and America.
Ghost Brackets for Kawasaki Motorcycles
Ghost Brackets for KawasakiGhost Brackets Quick Release Saddle bag system is now offered on this new American motorcycle. It is a perfect fit for this line of exceptional bikes.
Ghost Brackets for Kawasaki Motorcycles
Ghost Brackets for KawasakiGhost Brackets offer a choice for those who select these bikes for their convenience and ease of operation. After all these automatic transmission motorcycles are designed for ease of use in mind. Well, now you can make them even more appealing and convenient with our fitments for Ridley Auto Glide models.
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