Ghost Brackets now have a new home and a new name, EDGE Brackets.
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EDGE fully reinforced saddlebags, 1 kB
Ridley Motorcycles

Ridley Auto Glide Motorcycles

Ghost Brackets are a perfect fit  for the Ridley Auto-Glide Motorcycles. Quick release design makes Ghost Brackets a best buy when purchasing new saddlebags, so you can remove them with Ghost Brackets installed: Smart choice.

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Ghost Brackets now have a new home and a new name, EDGE Brackets. With new and improved features and fitments, yet still the same great customer service and engineering of CAO Distributing, Inc., EDGE Brackets are a leader in Quick Release Detachable Saddlebag Systems.

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  • Ridley Auto-Glide Models

    For every rider there is a motorcycle and Ridley offers it. Riders who dream of the open road with the agile feel and automatic transmission, Ridley Auto-Glide is just what you're looking for. Now that you have a perfect bike, make it perfect in looks and function. With Ghost Brackets insatalled on your Ridley you can take the bags off with a turn of a ket leaving your bike looking great without any ugly brackets left behind.


  • Ridley X88 Models

     We have this legendary cruiser covered. Our patented design helps your bike keep it's original showroom look without any ugly support braces or bulky leather straps. Ghost Brackets are practically invisible when your saddlebags are off your motorcycle. With our quick on and off design, Ghost Brackets are just what you and your Ridley X88 models need for traveling or just cruising around town.

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