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EDGE fully reinforced saddlebags, 1 kB
Yamaha VStar Models

 Yamaha VStar line is one of the most known motorcycle model lines in the world. We are proud to introduce Ghost Brackets fitments for every bike manufactured under the name VStar. With our Ghost Brackets Quick Release Saddlebag System you now can enjoy the convenience of saddlebags on the way to your destination and slick lines of a racer when you take the bags off.

Item Title
V Star 650 Custom (1997 - Present)
V Star 650 Classic (1997 - Present)
V Star 650 Silverado (1997 - Present)
V Star 1100 Custom (1997 - Present)
V Star 1100 Classic (1997 - Present)
V Star 1100 Silverado (1997 - Present)
V Star 1300 (2007 - Present)
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