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EDGE fully reinforced saddlebags, 1 kB
Honda VTX Models

 You will not find the same attention to design and quality of products for your Honda VTX cruiser anywhere else in the world. We offer a full line of Ghost Brackets for every model of Honda VTX and every possible configuration that came off the assembly line and a number of aftermarket ones as well. Let's just say we are passionate about the VTX.

Item Title
VTX 1300 C (2002 - Present)
VTX 1300 R / S / T (2002 - Present)
VTX 1800 C (2002 - Present)
VTX 1800 R / S / T (2002 - Present)
VTX 1800 F (2002 - Present)
VTX 1800 N (2002 - Present)
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